Making Lives Better: Yank Barry

November 20, 2016
It can be said that Yank Barry’s life has featured three very distinct chapter. His first chapter featured a life spent in the music industry, where he was very successful as a lead singer for two groups, including the touring band for The Kingsmen, who are best known for their iconic hit, "Louie Louie." He also wrote jingles for some of the most popular brands of all time. That lasted almost 30 years.

For his second life, Yank Barry had a successful career as a food entrepreneur and executive with Vitapro, makers of a dehydrated soy-based meat-replacement product. It was as he was traveling the world for business that Yank saw conditions that brought on his third life; a life of philanthropy. In 1995, he started his global hunger initiative, Global Village Champions Foundation. Over the last 20-plus years, that organization has served up more than one billion meals to hungry people throughout the world since 1995. By working closely with local agencies and NGOs around the world, he has brought help to people in politically unstable areas where few others would bother to go. Yank and his wife Yvette don't just give money and have someone else do the work; they go in themselves and help, even when they are helping and saving refugees from war torn Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Yank Barry, Always Giving

August 20, 2016
Yank Berry's philanthropic efforts were triggered while he was still a food entrepreneur and executive with Vitapro. As he traveled for business, he saw people living in appalling conditions and was compelled to help. In the two decades since creating his global hunger initiative, Global Village Champions Foundation, he has helped more people than even he thought possible; the number has topped 1 billion meals, according to estimates. Along with his wife Yvette and numerous friends and philanthropic partners such as Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and many others can take credit for that milestone.

One aspect of Yank Barry’s philanthropy is different; he does a lot of work himself, even when he focused on helping refugees from war-torn areas of Syria, Iraq and Iran. He has helped thousands of refugees escape the violence and volatility caused by groups like ISIS. He has provided them with food, a home, medical supplies and anything else they need to rebuild their lives.

Yank Barry the Global Village Founder

February 25, 2016
The humanitarian aid that Yank Barry has offered to victims and the lives of children has led global leaders to nominate him for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. He has been humbled by the honors he has received from various places. The awards Yank Barry has obtained for the last 20 years due to his philanthropic and humanitarian work are dear and personal to him. They are a representation of the lives he has touched and saved on earth.

Yank Barry's Global Village is a successful effort in the world humanitarian agenda. The foundation has a purpose of developing a delivery mechanism of natural to use and nutritious products to regions impacted by catastrophes and disasters. 

The Global Village Foundation has been on the forefront on supplying medical, food, clothing and other essentials around the globe to hungry and needy people. He has given Christians and Muslims new life and provided assistance to the Syrian war victims across the region. His friend Muhammad Ali has fought with him alongside the Global Village Foundation, which he founded. They have supplied nearly 1 billion meals to the needy and victims.